Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new film!

Coming soon: A new production presented by T.A.T.I. Pictures.

Story by - Anita Benson and Pablo Perea
Directed by - Pablo Perea and Anita Benson
Executive Producer - Anita Benson
Cinematography - David Bancroft and Aaron "Slim" Ruffatto

Starring - 
Luke Johnson
Page Bancroft
George Way

Special thanks to - The City of Santa Fe, The Veterans' Affairs National Cemetery of Santa Fe, Michael Longueira, Karyn Rose, Mary Simmons, Rio, Anya, and Aiden Manzanares, Jim Gil, Elissa Ritt, and Jeffrey Kaplan.

We are in post-production of our second film, Road Unspoken. We just finished a two-week shoot around the Santa Fe, New Mexico area and will begin editing this summer. More news is forthcoming.

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